Thursday, 2 April 2009

'Sorry I'm late... ' Children's picture book.

Sorry I’m late for school today
It wasn’t all my fault,

I was caught in a thunder storm
And hit by a lightning bolt.

A passing owl swooped down on me
And caught me by the vest,

He took me far into the woods
And dropped me in his nest.

A gust of wind came through the woods
And blew me from the tree,

It carried me a 100miles
And left me in the sea.

A kindly whale took pity on me
I jumped up on her back,

We swam together into shore
Where I rejoined my track.

My tale now goes from bad to worse
I was followed by the tide,

It washed me down a rabbit hole
That wasn’t very wide.

So once again I apologise
For not being here on time,

There’s nothing more that I can say, other than
I won’t be going that way again.
He took me far into the woods

It washed me down a rabbit hole 
That wasn't very wide.